Wedding Fireworks

Bride and groom Anna and Simon watching their wedding fireworks at the Crazy Bear

Nothing says celebration more than a fireworks display. Nothing beats a Halo FX fireworks display to make your wedding extra special.

We create truly unique and breath-taking displays, giving you and your guests a lasting memory of your special occasion.

Below are our packages to choose from, but if you are looking for something bespoke please get in touch to discuss what you are looking for. 

If you or your venue are concerned about noise, all displays can be modified to use low noise fireworks.

And there are Optional Extras including; VIP Start Button, Red Heart Shells, and Extra Fireworks for the opening and finale.

Sparkling Silver – Fireworks Only Wedding Package

Wedding couple watching the red and gold glitter finale to their music and fireworks display

Probably our most popular package as it offers great value for money. Pack full of a wide variety of firework effects, this display is a great way to round off the day, before you party into the early hours.

Duration; 5 mins

Cost £875

Crackling Gold – Fireworks Only Wedding Package

Finale fireworks with Whittlebury Hall in the background

If you really love fireworks this is the package for you as this display is packed with even more great fireworks.

Duration; 8 mins (Double the fireworks of Sparkling Silver package)

Cost £1,275

Low Noise Wedding Fireworks Displays

Crossing orange and purple roman candle fireworks at Simon and Yasmins wedding fireworks display

Both the Sparkling Silver and the Crackling Gold packages can be done with low noise fireworks. The displays are still awesome and many people prefer fireworks that don’t have the bangs.

Fireworks Extras

Extra Fireworks for the finale and start – £225

Fans of crackling gold fireworks with red peonys over the top. A wedding fireworks display choreographed to a James Bond theme music medley

Red Heart shaped fireworks – £125

VIP Start button – £75

Dazzling Symphony – Music and Fireworks Wedding Package

Wedding music and fireworks display at The Manor near Oxford. Fireworks display choreograhed to Michael Buble - Feeling Good

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Fireworks choreographed to your favourite piece of music.

Duration; 1 track of music – 3 to 4 mins

Cost £2,000

Glittering Crescendo – Music and Fireworks Wedding Package

The wedding party watching pink and gold fireworks, part of a wedding fireworks display choreographed to a James Bond theme music medley

Fireworks choregraphed to two of your favourite pieces of music…

Duration; 2 tracks of music – 6 to 7 mins

Cost £3,000