Stage Pyro – Cold Spark Fountains – Flames

Stage Pyrotechnics, Indoor Fireworks, Cold Spark Fountains, Sparkulars, Flame Effects.

Our traditional ‘hot’ pyrotechnics, or stage pyro over the years has included; comets, mines, flash pots, thunder flashes, waterfalls, gerbs, fountains, flares, smoke bombs, petrol lifts, spark hits, machine gun hits and line rockets…

We still use traditional pyro, but now the main stay of our stage pyro revolves around the revolutionary ‘cold spark’ Sparkular Foutains and Sparkular Falls from Showven. Very versatile, highly controllable and repeatable pyro effects that can be used at a much lower risk in close proximity.



Sparkulars produce virtually no smoke and DMX control enables the fountain to be turned on and off at will, and the height of the sparks varied.

The safety factor alone means spark streams can be used in close proximity to people and scenery making them so versatile for use at music festivals, on TV shows, at corporate award events and at weddings. – See Wedding First Dance Special Effects for more details

Multiple Sparkulars can be fired simultaneously for a curtain effect or fired independently, or as a chase between units. Our new machines are shower proof IP rated, so can be used outside.

For Flame Effects, we favour the GALAXIS G-FLAME system. Reliable, easy to control and very versatile – suitable for use indoors to produce small flames when safety distances are very restricted, but can also be beefed up to produce significantly bigger flames for outside use.

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