Scattering Ashes Fireworks Displays

Stunning silver white falling lkeaves fireworks with red tail fans as part of a scattering ashes fireworks display next to a lake in Oxfordshire

Scattering ashes with fireworks, or Celebration of Life fireworks displays are fitting tributes to great lives departed, and wonderful way to say farewell.

Tell us something about your loved one; the type of person they were, their favourite colours; the music they loved; and we’ll design a wonderful fireworks display with their personality in mind.

Choose one of the four packages that suit your needs, or to talk to us about tailoring a package to perfectly fit your wishes.

We have worked with individuals who have made their own funeral arrangements, including working with them to design a display they wanted people to remember them by.

Scattering the cremation ashes with fireworks is optional and there is no extra charge to incorporate this wish.

Information on what’s involved with a scattering ashes display, and how to find a suitable location for a display is detailed towards the end of this page. 

Poppy – Fireworks Only Scattering Ashes Package

A fan of red pink fireworks with gold tails as part of a celebration of life fireworks display in Warwickshire

A wonderful farewell to a loved one. Full of highly colourful fireworks and a spectacular flourish at the end with.

Duration – 5 mins

Price £1,350

Peony – Fireworks Only Scattering Ashes Package

Blue mines with glittering gold bombette fireworks above for Rob Meakin's celebration of life fireworks display

A dramatic tribute in fireworks to a loved one departed. A wide selection of spectacular fireworks with a grand opening and finale.

Duration – 7 mins

Price £1,750

Scattering Ashes with Rockets

Pink and green fireworks bursting above Longborough opera concert

People often request to have their ashes sent up in a rocket.

All our scattering ashes displays can have 6 rockets included for an additional £250, but please take into consideration that these rockets will only scatter a small amount of the ashes with the rest of the ashes being scattered by other types of fireworks.

Rockets tend not to be used in professional displays as they are very susceptible to the wind and so often can’t be used, hence why we only offer it as an optional extra.

Rose – Music and Fireworks Scattering Ashes Package

Large burst of crackling gold fireworks as part of a Scattering Ashes fireworks display next to a lake near Oxford

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Select a favourite piece of music and we will choreograph the fireworks perfectly with the music.

Duration – 3 to 4 mins depending on choice of music

Price £2,450

Orchid – Music and Fireworks Scattering Ashes Package

Gold crossette roman candles, gold shells and blue cake fireworks with Arbury Hall in the background

An Orchid display captures the real essence of a loved one in fireworks choreographed to two pieces of music.

Duration – 6 to 7 mins depending on choice of music

Price £3,500

“Hi Ben,

I just wanted to thank you and your team for putting on such an amazing firework display. It really was a spectacular event and so much more beautiful than I or my guests could ever imagine.

It really was a very fitting tribute to my Aunt and I can not thank you enough for all your hard work and support. Everybody at the memorial last night was full of praise and moved to tears.

With kind regards, Clare”

The process

If you would like to organise a ashes into fireworks – celebration of life display we will need about 2 weeks notice so we can carry out the risk assessment and design the display.

Finding a suitable location

The following information is a guide to help you find a suitable location for a scattering ashes fireworks display.

  1. As the fireworks display will be a professional display the safety distances we operate under are greater than those specified for public use of fireworks. Broadly speaking there needs to be at least 30 meters between the fireworks and the audience, and then about 100 meters of clear space beyond the fireworks for fallout (i.e. space where there are no people, or buildings that could get easily damaged). This is only a guide as the prevailing wind direction and the type of fireworks being used also play an important factor.
  2. The location must have the land owners permission to hold a fireworks display.
    Generally speaking private homes are not suitable unless they have large enough gardens.
    The kind of locations we have provided scattering ashes displays include, golf clubs, football, cricket and rugby clubs, town and country parks, country house hotels and coastal beeches.
    We can quickly give you an idea of the potential suitability of a location if you send us the postcode address.
    Please note that whilst parks and coastal beaches maybe freely open for public access, they will still be owned by someone or an organisation who will have to give permission for a display to take place. If you are unsure who owns a piece of land the best place to start is with the local authority.
    We will always try and accommodate a display in a location if its at all possible. For instance we did a display right in a town centre just before Christmas because the location was so important to the family. The display we provided was not one of the standard packages as it had to be highly tailored to suit the location – but it was what they wanted.
  3. You must also take into consideration any sensitive neighbours. By sensitive neighbours we generally mean people with animals – particularly horses or dogs, or anyone that might be be upset by an unexpected fireworks display i.e. residents of a nursing home. You do not need any kind of licence for a display – but you must take all reasonable steps to let people know that you are planning a fireworks display so that they have ample time to prepare, and so that there is no unpleasantness afterwards.
  4. Firework displays are not permitted after 11pm, and we would recommend that any display is done well before 10pm so that it is more socially acceptable for neighbours.