Special FX Equipment Hire

Halo FX offer dry hire on our special effects equipment listed below and for wet hire we provide crew and SFX technicians to install, operate and de-rig our equipment.

Our warehouse is less than 45 mins from the NEC and the ICC in Birmingham, and we are in easy reach of London, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds

To discuss your requirements or to get help and advice on our special effects equipment, please Contact Us

MagicFX Powershot Confetti Cannon and Streamer Cannon

For use with pre-loaded single use cartridges to fire confetti or streamers, or a mix of both.

These cannons can be either floor or truss mounted and can be daisy chained together to fire multiple units on the push of one button.

Powershot cannons are ideal for large and small events, and with multiple units complex firing sequences can be created with great ease, using multiple positions and multiple cues.

The preloaded cartridges are available in two sizes which can be supplied to your specific colour and mix requirements.

Firing Distance: Up to 12m – depending on cartridge size and contents

Dimensions: 125mm W x 160mm L x 165mm H

Weight: 1.7kg

Power: 240V (0.5A)

MagicFX Stadium Confetti Blaster

These CO2 gas powered Confetti Blasters are designed for big venues and outdoor events.

These machines can be manually operated or remotely controlled by DMX to give simultaneous control of multiple machines, and with auto-feed function for the confetti they do not require an operator with each machine.

Each machine can hold 10kg confetti – (streamers can not be used in blasters)

Distance: Up to 25 metres

Duration of effect: Up to 90 seconds

Dimensions: 800mm L x 600mm W x 1730mm H

Power: CO2 gas, plus 240v power for DMX control

MagicFX StadiumShot III Confetti Cannon and Streamer Cannon

These are extremely powerful high capacity cannons and are primarily designed for very large venues and outdoor events

Floor mounted, these cannons will fire confetti up to 25 metres and streamers up to 40 metres

Because these cannons are so powerful, they incorporate a key operated ARM controller and e-stop safety system, in addition to DMX firing control.

Each unit has its own internal compressor to charge the integral pressure tank.

Distance: Confetti up to 25 metres. Streamers up to 40 metres

Dimensions: 600mm L x 400mm W x 870mm H

Weight: 86kg

Power: 240V (1.5A)

MagicFX Swirl Fan

Swirl fans are great for delivering sustained falls of confetti from above.

The hopper is loaded with confetti which is projected up to 3m in every direction, giving a floor coverage of around 30m² or more depending on how high the swirl fan is above the floor.

Very quiet operation and very controllable – very light or very heavy falls of confetti can be delivered, perfect for film and TV productions as well as other events.

Distance: Confetti up to 3 meters in 360 degrees from the unit 

Dimensions: 630mm Diameter x 465 mm H

Weight: 20kg

Power: 240V (2.0A)

MagicFX Club Blower

Club Blowers are perfect for delivering a short sustained blasts of confetti of around 60 seconds.

Club blowers can be floor mounted angled up, or truss mounted.

The hopper is loaded with 1kg of confetti which is projected up to 8 meters.

Great for smaller venues when the ceiling height is restricted

Distance: Confetti up to 8 meters

Dimensions: 548mm L x 351mm W x 430mm H

Weight: 18kg

Power: 240V (6.25A)

Confetti Blasters – CO2 Gas Powered

Big Blasters are used to fill large areas with clouds of swirling confetti.

Powered by CO2 gas, these blasters omit a great roar sound as the confetti is ejected 25 meters into the air.

Manually operated these machines are capable of delivering huge amounts of confetti in a very short space of time, covering a stage in a cascade of confetti or filling a stadium with multiple machines

Distance: Confetti up to 25 meters

Dimensions: 635mm L x 355mm W x 1360mm H

Weight: 55kg

Power: N/A – CO2 gas powered

 CO2 Jets

CO2 jets produce instantaneous jets of white vapour, which vanish the moment the jets stop, and there is no lasting effect.

Multiple units can be daisy chained to fire together, or can be chased if connected to a DMX switch packs.

Jets can be floor or truss mounted and can be fired in any direction including vertically down.

Distance: Up to 8 meters

Dimensions 80mm W x 220mm L x 260mm H

Weight: 8.5kg

Power: 240V (0.2A) plus CO2 gas

Le Maitre Peasouper – Dry Ice Machine

Produce proper dry ice low lying fog which will hug the floor in a flowing carpet of white fog.

Unlike chilled smoke effects dry ice fog vanishes quickly without a trace, and dry ice does not cause problems with smoke alarms.

Halo FX can supply ducting pipe systems to duct the effect to exactly where you want it.

Requires a supply of solid dry ice.

Distance: Up to 10 meters

Dimensions 550mm L x 520mm W x 500mm H

Weight: 11kg

Power: 240V (10A) plus solid dry ice

Showven Sparkluar II – Cold Spark Machine

Showven Sparkular IIs are the latest generation of cold spark fountain machines – a cleaner, lower risk pyro-style effect without the heat and smoke of traditional hot pyrotechnics.

Designed for close proximity use – low risk, highly controllable and repeatable fountain effect.

These machines can be controlled using hand-held wireless remote control for pre-set effect heights or a DMX controller for creating sweeps, chases and control of individual units.

Showven Sparkular II’s are the latest industry-standard spark machine, offering outstanding performance and safety with a quieter operation than previous models, and are shower IP rated so can be used outside.

Distance: Height up to 6m with large granules, 4.5m with medium and 3m with small

Dimensions 286mm W x 280mm L x 258mm H

Weight: 10kg

Power: 240V (2A)