So here we are nearing the end of September.  It’s that time of year for us where the weeks flash by in the wink of an eye.  The office is full of conversations about weddings; 5th November, town centre Christmas events and private parties.     Ben is incredibly busy planning for events around 5th November including him and I taking a double music lesson at Bilton School earlier this week! We’re working with a group of students on the fireworks design for one of the sections of music Ben has selected for the Rugby Fireworks Show.   We’re back again in a couple of weeks to see and hear their ideas and to put the whole section together – looking forward to it. September has been really busy with firework displays for weddings – many couples selecting 5 minutes of fireworks, without music.  Ben choreographs these displays using the sound of the rise and burst of each firework creating different rhythm, tempo and volume.  It then sounds like the fireworks are creating their own music.  So much more than ‘letting off’ a few fireworks! I’m at several wedding fayres over the next few weeks, come and say hi and chat about any of our work:

Yolanda x