First Dance Magic, Dramatic Table Centres and Stunning Spectacular Fireworks to create Wow Moments you will never forget…

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Silver ice fountain pyrotechnics on silver candelabras for the best mans toast at Emily and Sturats wedding

Transform the ordinary into the AMAZING with unique and dramatic table centres.

Dramatic Table Centres
Bride and groom first dance with dry ice and a gentle fall of pink and white confetti petals

Magical confetti shower effects, Dance in the Clouds dry ice, Sparkling starlit dance floors, and dramatic stage pyrotechnics will transform any first dance into a WOW moment.

First Dance Magic
Fans of crackling gold fireworks with red peonys over the top. A wedding fireworks display choreographed to a James Bond theme music medley

Nothing beats a bespoke fireworks display. Your music.  Your fireworks.  Your display. The sky’s the limit!

Priceless Platinum Fireworks
Wedding music and fireworks display at The Manor near Oxford. Fireworks display choreograhed to Michael Buble - Feeling Good

Rich with music and fireworks this display is a truly magical experience you’ll always remember.

Glittering Crescendo Fireworks
Wedding couple watching the red and gold glitter finale to their music and fireworks display

Watch your fireworks light up the skies in perfect choreography with your chosen music track.

Dazzling Symphony Fireworks
Helen and John Wedding fireworks at Bronsover Hall. Silver glitter stars with blue tails

Seven minutes in duration and with an impressive sky filling finale, this display is for those who enjoy a lot of stunning fireworks.

Crackling Gold Fireworks
Bride and groom watching green and gold glitter fireworks at their Christmas wedding

A spectacular five minute colourful fireworks display. Your display can be loud and proud, or pretty and quite; or a combination of both, it’s up to you.

Sparkling Silver Fireworks
Crossing orange and purple roman candle fireworks at Simon and Yasmins wedding fireworks display

All our fireworks displays can be designed using low noise fireworks, but that does not mean your display will be compromised and be less impressive. Just take a look.

Quiet Fireworks Displays
Bride and groom embracing posing for wedding album picture in from of two silver fountain fireworks

Lots of extras to add to your fireworks display package. Why not have a very different photo for your wedding album?

Fireworks Display Extras