A spectacular five minute colourful fireworks display. Your display can be loud and proud, or pretty and quite; or a combination of both, it’s up to you.

Choose your favourite colours for the finale and your display is sure to have every one cheering at the end.

Price £650

Add optional extras to your display including; extra fireworks for a more dramatic opening and a bigger finale, special Red Heart shaped fireworks, or a VIP start button.

And to make your fireworks display really unique and memorable consider adding a Wedding Fireworks Portrait Photoshoot

Want a bigger and longer display? Upgrade to a Crackling Gold display.

Fancy music and fireworks? Then look at a Dazzling Symphony or a Glittering Crescendo fireworks display package.

For bespoke displays take a look at examples of our Priceless Platinum fireworks displays.

Need quiet fireworks? – All our fireworks display packages can be designed to use low noise fireworks.