Confetti Cannons and Streamers

Confetti shower over Sister Sledge at the Crazy Bear music festival

PowerShot Cannons, Stadium Shot Cannons, Confetti Blasters, Confetti Blowers, Swirl Fans, Exploding Confetti Balloons…

Why do we have so many different bits of kit?

It all depends on what kind of confetti or streamer effect you are looking for – an instant explosion of colour? or a long gentle cascade of glitter? And on what scale?

Tell us about the kind of effect you are looking for and we will guide you to the prefect solution for your creative vision.

Video Gallery

MagicFX Powershot Cannons

A large number of gold confetti streamers in the air as the Olympic Torch passes Rugby School

Powershot cannons are used to create an instant hit of colourful confetti or streamers.

Probably the main stay of our special effects kit, particularly for corporate events, award dinners and music events and festivals.

Versatile and easy to install floor mounted or hung from truss, Powershot cannons can be used in small or large numbers to instantly fill an area with fluttering colour.

We have versions that are multi shot with wireless control.

MagicFX Stadium Shot Cannons and Big Shots

For bigger confetti and streamer cannon effects, Big Shot Cannons and Stadium Shot Cannons are used to deliver larger quantities of confetti and streamers over a larger area.

Often used outdoors where scale is needed.

Confetti Blasters

Confetti Blasters are designed to deliver large volumes of confetti quickly. We have two versions – one powered by CO2, and one by a large electric fan.

The CO2 powered machines give off a roar and a plume of white vapour which adds to the effect. You will have seen this type of blaster in action at big events in stadiums, arenas and theatres, or at large outdoor events.

The electric fan powered machines – Turbo Blasters – do a similar job but make less noise and are more controllable so can be used to deliver a very lite fall of confetti over a long period of time.  

Halo FX have used confetti blasters to create flurries of snow flakes at Christmas Lights Switch-ons, and to fill the sky with thousands of red poppy petals at Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday parades

Exploding Confetti Balloons

An instant confetti effect with a bang!  – Exploding Confetti Balloons – unique to Halo FX.

Triggered by a wireless firing system, these 2ft helium balloons filled with confetti all burst together scattering confetti in all directions.

Also available as non helium balloons suspended from the ceiling or truss.