“Oh my goodness I hope you and your guys are ok” – read the text from our client on Saturday night.  Why? Because the heavens had not just opened they had flooded right over us as we were setting up their wedding fireworks.

Having had so much warm weather I guess it was inevitable that rain would be arriving soon – but this wasn’t just rain it was hail the size of golf balls (very apt seeing as we were at a Golf Club!).

Fortunately we had taken cover and had waterproofed all the fireworks thoroughly before setting up.

The question we get asked more than any other when people are arranging a fireworks display is what do you do if it rains?  And the answer is – carry on.  Although it may not be pleasant for our crew and your guests may need umbrellas rain does not stop displays.

Luckily, on Saturday, by the time the Lucy & Jay and their guests came out to watch their display, the rain cleared and we were again enjoying this great English summer.