Public Fireworks Displays

Two large silver peacock firework fan cakes behind the Glowbot on the main stage at the Rugby Roundtable Fireworks event

Whether you’re organising a fireworks display for Bonfire night or Halloween, or adding fireworks to a music concert or a Christmas lights switch-on, a firework display from Halo-FX will really wow your audience.

Stunning pyrotechnics are one thing, but why not amaze the crowd with a pyro-musical display? You’ll be getting more than just fireworks set to music. Your audience will get a complete pyro-theatrical experience.

Our pyro-musicals hook the audience from the beginning, capturing their imaginations, taking them on a magical journey. They won’t want the show to end… when it does they’ll be saying “awesome” and “better than last year”.

Get in touch and let us add some pyro-magic to your next event.

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