The following extras can be added to any of our fireworks display packages;

Extra fireworks

Make the opening and finale to your display even more impressive with more fireworks going off.

VIP Start Button

If you are giving the fireworks display as a surprise, why not give the full VIP treatment and let them start the amazing display themselves?

Young and old love the excitement of igniting the first fireworks for a big display.


Red Heart Fireworks

For a wedding or anniversary party why not add some special red heart fireworks?

These can be added to any part of the display.


Fireworks Portrait Photography

Why not have a very different photo for your wedding album?

As you can see we have worked with a number of wedding couples and their photographers to create unique and unusual memories of their wedding fireworks display.


Firework Lancework

Lancework is the technical term for drawing pictures and words with fireworks.

The effect lasts about a minute and can illuminate any message or picture.

Please note this is a ground effect and not something that appears in the sky.