According to news reports this weekend is the first big Christmas shopping weekend!

Personally I can’t start Christmas shopping until after our daughter’s birthday on 5th November.  Yes you read it right the 5th November!  But I am starting to think about how we are going to celebrate this year.

The run up to Christmas is a busy time of year for Halo FX with Christmas lights switch on events – which I love and Christmas parties.  Last year we created an instant winter wonderland in Broadgate in Coventry when they switched on their lights.  It was lovely to see the children’s faces as they jumped up to catch some of the snowflake confetti.

Indoors we were busy adding snowflake confetti magic at the entrance to Santa’s grotto for a large retailer’s Christmas party.  The beauty of snowflake confetti is that it’s dry whereas other fake snow marks dresses and outfits because it’s foam or very fine bubbles.

But for our family Christmas celebrations I’ll be using some custom loaded handheld confetti cannons.  I just need to decide if I’m going to have a colour scheme this year (we have lots of colours to choose from) or if I’ll go for snowflake confetti…but I will decide after 5th November!

Yolanda x