A selection of videos of our work to date. Fireworks displays, stage pyro & confetti, pyrotechnic table centres, and other Special FX

Video Gallery

The pre-finale and finale to the 2014 Rugby Fireworks display organised by Rugby Round Table. The fire dancers and Globot on stage are from Area 51. The fireworks and special effects were choreographed by Halo FX.

The complete show was 40 mins and started with a 10 mins dance show by Hayley’s Impact Dance, followed by a 10 min fire and Globot show by Area 51, and culminated in a 20 min fireworks display by Halo FX with Area 51 performing for the pre-finale and finale.

Nuneaton’s Christmas Lights switch on event in 2014.

Halo FX produced the choreographed fireworks and theatrical lighting display on the town hall building. Halo FX also provided the staging, sound and power for the event.

As you can hear at the end of the movie, this show was the best Nuneaton has seen in a long time.

A compilation of our amazing and dramatic pyrotechnic table centres at a number of different events, including award events, gala dinners, weddings, birthday and anniversary parties.

Some of the unique table centres are from our partners at Table Art.

A montage of magical first dance moments Halo FX has created at weddings.

The wedding first dance effects use a combination of sparkling starlit dance floors, dry ice, and gentle cascades of special confetti.

This is an example of a Halo FX Dazzling Symphony fireworks display for a wedding near Oxford.

The fireworks display is choreographed to Michael Bubble – Feeling Good.

If you would like to see the full version, contact Halo FX.

This fireworks display was in celebration of the late Melissa Jane Burchill.

The display was organised by her family and during the fireworks display the cremation ashes where scattered by the fireworks.

The display took place in December, in the grounds of a private house near Windsor.