A Poppy celebration of life fireworks display creates a calm and yet wonderful farewell to a loved one.

Full of highly colourful, pretty and low noise fireworks. A gentle pace throughout, culminating in a brilliant finish of gold and silver.

The scattering the ashes with fireworks is optional and there is no extra charge to incorporate this wish.

Cost; £950 – inc VAT

Duration: 5 minutes

Other Celebration of Life fireworks display packages;

Fireworks only;

Peony Memorial and Ashes Fireworks Display – a dramatic and proud tribute in fireworks  Price £1,250

Music and fireworks displays;

Rose Memorial Ashes Fireworks Display – Celebrating a life in music and fireworks. Price £1,750

Orchid Memorial Ashes Fireworks Display – Capturing the essence of a loved one in music and fireworks. Price £2,350

Optional Extra

Scattering Ashes Rockets – 6 rockets can be added as an optional extra. Price £250