Our sparkling starlit dance floors, proper dry ice, special confetti effects and dramatic stage pyrotechnics to transform any disco into a WOW disco.

Perfect for weddings, private parties and corporate events, our stunning effects are a must have if you want your dance floor entertainment to be way better than the norm.

The sparkling starlit dance floors in white or black create a wow first impression for the start of the evening.

Add proper dry ice for a dramatic opening first dance. Being real dry ice it does not cause problems with fire alarms etc.

Complete the moment with our special confetti effects. Special because we use a unique machine which can give a sustained fall of confetti for over 5 mins, and you can choose particular colours and shapes such as red hearts, pink and white blossom, white snowflakes, butterflies and even autumn leaves.

Any one of the above effects will make your disco moment magical and memorable.