Sparktacular Cold Spark Fountains

These relatively new Equinox Spark Streams produce cold spark fountains and have revolutionised stage pyrotechnics because they are ultra-safe – so safe you can put your hand directly in the stream of sparks without injury.

The safety factor alone means spark streams can be used in close proximity to people and scenery making them so versatile for use at music festivals, on TV shows, at corporate award events and at weddings. – See Wedding First Dance Special Effects for more details

Equinox Spark Streams produce virtually no smoke as they are electrically fan driven and are DMX controlled which allows the fountain to be turned on and off, and to control the height of the sparks.

Multiple Spark Streams can be fired simultaneously for a curtain effect or fired independently, or fired as a chase between units, and different versions can be fired downwards as a waterfall effect.