Confetti and special effects are a fantastic way to add a moment of WOW surprise to your event.

As well as the wow, special fx also give you amazing pictures to remember the event, dramatic colourful images that are eagerly sort after especially for social media. That all important media coverage alone shows that special effects are great value for money at any event.

We have a range of proven confetti and special effects systems that can be used indoors or outside.

Of course we have a huge range of stage pyrotechnics including our unique range of dramatic pyrotechnic table centres.

For Confetti effects:

Blasters to fill a stadium, arena or theatre. Designed to deliver large volumes of material quickly. Powered by CO2 these machines give off a roar and a plume of white vapour which adds to the effect. You will have seen in action at big events such as cup final awards and stadium concerts. Halo FX have also used these at Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday parades to fill the sky with thousands of red poppy petals.

Cannons to create an instant hit of colour. Probably the main stay of our special fx, particularly for corporate events, award dinners and music events. Versatile and easy to install, cannons can be used in small or large numbers to instantly fill an area with fluttering colour. Cannons can also be filled with streamers as well as a wide variety of different confetti types.

Special blowers, fans and fountains for gentler and sustained cascades of confetti. Popular with our wedding customers for creating a magical first dance effect. These machines are also great for musical  theatre, fashion shows where long durations are needed.

Hand held confetti and streamer cannons are great for smaller events, weddings and private parties. We can custom fill our cannons with a wide variety of  confetti and streamers effects including snowflakes, red hearts, pink and white blossom.

For Special Effects

CO2 Cryo Jets for dramatic blasts of CO2 smoke (water vapour) plumes. Widely used at music festivals and concerts to whip up enthusiasm in the audience.

Dry ice fog machines for atmospheric low lying fog effects. This effect is also popular with our wedding customers for creating a wow ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ style effect for the first dance.

We also have bubble machines and flame effects.

UK Coverage

Halo FX is located in Rugby near Coventry, Warwickshire. Locally we work on events in the east Midlands area; Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland and Lincolnshire. The west Midlands area; Shropshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Staffordshire. Being just 5 mins from the M6 we easily service events in Birmingham, including the NIA the ICC and the NEC. With the M1, M6 and M42 on our doorstep we are only 2 hours from central London, Manchester and Leeds. Thanks to the M5 we are only a few hours from the south west.