Celebration of Claire’s life with fireworks

Just before Christmas, friends and family gathered in the centre of Bath to watch a very special fireworks display.

The display was to celebrate the life of Claire and to scatter her ashes by fireworks in the Parade Gardens. The fireworks were choreographed to music from Harry Potter, in a place that was very special to Claire and her wife Emma, being the setting their wedding. The date was also significant as it was Claire’s birthday.

The location was technically and logistically challenging to stage a display given the tight health and safety parameters of the city centre site, but working closely with the local authority we put together a workable risk assessment and method plan, and designed a display using specialist low fallout fireworks that meant Emma and Claire’s wish could happen.

Emma wrote afterwards;

“Hi Ben

Thank you so much for yesterday, it was really exactly what we hoped for (and exceeded our expectations).

Have a lovely Christmas,


The above scattering ashes with fireworks display is not uncommon in demonstrating the efforts we put in to make a special wish possible.